A lucky day小学英语作文

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A lucky day小学英语作文

Today is a fine day.And I am very lucky.

In the morning,I’m go fishing in a river with my parents.As time goes by,I am fishing a big fish.I am very happy,but my parents have no one fish.Next,I am fishing a small fish,but I still happy.Because my parents still have no one fish.It’s time to go home,I am fishing ten fishs,but my parents are only fishing a small fish.

In the afternoon,I am playing football with my buddies.MingMing has the ball,he is kicking it to me.I am kicking the ball.It’s a beautiful goal. Next, PingPing has the ball,he is kicking to Mike.Now,Mike has the ball,he is kicking it.It’s a goal.Now,we are winning.

Today I am very lucky.And I am so happy.

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